“The Best Look in the World” is in London (it wants you)

For the second year in a row, the Connaught Bar in London has won the title of “Best Bar in the World” by the prestigious 50 Best. Hosted by Agostino Peron, Giorgio Barciani and Maura Millia, this “Cupist” Inspired Bar is known for its unique decoration, customized cocktails, with or without wine, and now the popular martini trolley. It is affiliated with a three-star hotel restaurant run by chef Helene Doros.

A success from the start, Connaught Bar always manages to reach its full potential every time it opens its doors., Says the guide. For his apostles, the primary action was Tri Martini, which came via a cart and became a temporary platform for your personal activity. Between the shaker and the mixing glass, you have a choice between gin – try one from the bar at the hotel – and the bitterness of a menu of flavors filled with aromas inspired by spices.

Second in the rankings, Tay─ôr + Elementary, is still in London, and see Paradiso in Barcelona. In Paris, we see the Little Red Door (29th) bar. “Master of Rediscovery”, Danico (69th), The Cambridge (92nd) or Frequency (96th). Full ranking is available Here.

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