Desmond Tutu's struggles inside the church

Desmond Tutu’s struggles inside the church


On Sunday, December 26, South Africa began a week of mourning for Archbishop Desmond Dutt, who died in his 90s. His funeral is scheduled for Saturday at St George’s Anglican Cathedral in Cape Town, his former church. Many festivals in the country, especially religion, are planned throughout the week. Desmond Tutu, the first black bishop of Johannesburg and Cape Town, moved churches in South Africa believing in the service of the struggle against apartheid.

In the late 1970s, Desmond Tutu, dean of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Johannesburg, was involved. He uses his chair to condemn the police brutality of the then regime in South Africa and organizes peaceful marches against secession.

His faith is inseparable His commitment against injustice, Journalist John Allen explains: ” That was the period when ANC leaders were in jail Nelson Mandela, Or immigrants, where politics could not be done. By becoming the dean of the Johannesburg Church, he had the opportunity to speak and preach freely. He quickly used this space to express the aspirations of black people.

At the time, most South African churches were supportiveRacism. As he climbs the ranks of the Anglican Church, Dement Tutu gradually changes course, as Reverend Frank Chickane explains:

With his arrival, radical changes began to take place not only in the Anglican Church but also in other denominations. When he became bishop of Johannesburg, it was difficult for the white parishioners. Leaders in other churches were embarrassed by his position. I was suspended from the Methodist Church for nine years for supporting him. But people have changed, which is why he became archbishop.

Funny, straightforward, sometimes controversial … Desmond Tutu fought on all fronts until the end of his life – condoms, euthanasia, Homosexual rights – Despite differences of opinion with religious leaders.

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