Billionaire Salinas Philico insisted on buying bitcoin instead of the euro and dollar

Billionaire Salinas Philico insisted on buying bitcoin instead of the euro and dollar

Amid global inflation and Fiat’s devaluation – that is, government support – the currency Avoid using paper money… Instead, you should invest in Bitcoin.

In his video message about the New Year and Christmas Said Ricardo Salinas Philico is a billionaire and one of the richest men in Mexico. The businessman, who called Fiat money a fake and a “paper lie”, advised him to explore the world of cryptocurrency and invest in bitcoin.

“Stay away from paper money. The dollar, the euro, the yen and the peso are all the same story. Counterfeit money made from paper lies“- 66-year-old Piligo said.

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Ricardo Salinas Philico is one of the richest men in the world. Forbes His net worth is estimated at $ 13.4 billion, making him the third richest citizen of Mexico.

‚ÄúCentral banks are paying more now than ever before. Invest in Bitcoin“, – he advises.

For the past two weeks The rate of bitcoin has increased by 3%… According to the cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBITOn December 28, a BTC traded at $ 48.1 thousand.

The main source of wealth for the Mexican oligarchy was founded by Grubo Salinas. The group of companies is active in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail stores.

He himself regularly advocates support for cryptocurrencies. In December 2021, the person announced that he would begin accepting his finance and retail company Gropo Electra Bitcoin as a fee. For this the lightning network will be integrated in the payment system.

As previously announced by OBOZREVATEL, this is not the first time Ricardo Salinas Piligo Encourages people to invest money in cryptocurrency… As the total assets of the US Federal Reserve increase, he called the United States “the other irresponsible third world country.”

Earlier, the businessman revealed Bitcoin holds 10% of its liquid portfolio… Furthermore, the entrepreneur advised every investor to follow his example.

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