As the MLB Lockdown continues, the editor paints a new picture of Mike Trout every day

As the MLB Lockdown continues, the editor paints a new picture of Mike Trout every day

Major League Baseball has locked up the MLB Players Association for 25 days. An author created by U / DidItForTheStory 25 days hand-painted pictures of Los Angeles star Mike Trout to commemorate every 24 hours that passed without a new collective agreement.

We do not know who is behind the story or what artistic training they may have had in the past. Trout’s first drawing on December 3 suggested that there was not much.

The set of mostly straight lines that make up the diving grip is mainly identified by the # 27 engraved on the Angels logo and jersey.

Nowadays, designs are more refined and more descriptive, but still not necessarily inspiring. They mainly gave the reason why MLB owners scroll through the r / baseball subdivision during the winter when they choose to leave the business.

“At first I thought we would see the artist progressing rapidly over time,” the u / BUSean commentator posted very elegantly on the 14th. “But now I know that the real journey is to observe their descent into insanity.”

u / Enjoy these works selected from DidItForTheStory, we look forward to returning to MLB. I highly recommend checking them all out.

Day 1

Not much to see, but we had no idea what was in store.

Day 2

Reconstruction of an epic trout face.

Day 5

J.J. Hardy’s theft is probably even more outrageous.

Day 8

True nudity cannot be achieved until baseball returns, which is a worthy addition to this homage to the blanket of Nevermind.

Day 10

Well, now we are entering the new frontier

Day 11

It feels like when our artist realized he could draw for a while.

Day 14

What, have you not seen the train with the shadow at five o’clock?

Day 16

Of course, trout is worth it.

Day 17

We reached the part of the map that said “We put Mike Trout in a movie scene” and finally got the Shoaib Ohtani cameo!

Day 19

Paint the mic like one of your French ladies.

(20th day bonus photo)

Day 21

“Come ashore, let’s meet again, let’s have a little laugh. “

-Mike Trout hires free agents.

Day 23

Locking more here sssssss!

Day 24

Several reports indicate that the MLB and the Players’ Association will not resume talks until early January. It is unclear how long the lock will last.

Say a prayer for the well-being of our artist, because it can be very strange.

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