Apple Watch as the car key in Tesla?

Apple Watch as the car key in Tesla?

Tesla was The first builder Use the smartphone as the car key, open and start the vehicles. It is still the same today, the default key of the Model 3 being its phone, which replaces the hands-free key of the historic manufacturer, which I describe in this article:

Six months at Tesla: On board, firm geek minimalism

Six months at Tesla: On board, firm geek minimalism

The Tesla iOS processor gives you complete control of the car and also acts as a hands-free key to unlock it.

The American company has not yet shown interest in attached watches. While the Apple Watch will celebrate its seventh anniversary next year, Tesla has never modified its iOS app to run on WatchOS, but that is likely to change in the coming months. As Developer Romain Chickenberg found, the latest version of the iOS app contains watchkit-related code, which is Apple’s framework for building applications for your watch.

This code indicates that the Tesla WatchOS app is working, but the company plans to do just that. It may be a matter of copying certain functions of the smartphone application, for example, to monitor payment or to check that the vehicle is properly covered, and provides many other functions. Tesla’s subsidiary, A third-party application developed by this developer. But since Apple watches can now work without the associated iPhone, one can only imagine that a watch would function as a full-scale key.

A third-party processor, the Companion for Tesla here, may provide some control over the vehicle, but the ability to open and boot the vehicle live and manage only by the manufacturer without going through servers (sub-image for Tesla).

Apple Watch’s Bluetooth will then communicate with the vehicle to open the doors and allow it to start. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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