After Sora, the NFT will make their debut in American football as well


NFL launched on the occasion of claiming ownership of its NFTs and its brand new site: NFL Across. The latter uses the same principle as the NBA Top Shot launched last year.

NFTs are everywhere, so the famous Anglo-Saxon dictionary Collins has decided to make it the best word of the year. This abbreviation refers to the virtual tokens that occupy the entire world. They are works worth millions of dollars, until recently, if used by the art world. For some time, these little digital tokens have occupied other universes, making them easier on the gaming world.

Taking the principle of historic bunnies cards that enchanted all football fans in the 90s and 2000s, the Sorare platform has established itself as a benchmark for these 2.0 card collections. If this site focuses on some success in the world of football today, similar efforts may emerge in other sports in the coming weeks.

Inspired by Zora, the American football world and the professional North American league, the NFL, also decided to enter the NFT world. In the United States, the top shot already appeared a year ago. Managed by Dopper Labs, the platform distributes NBA’s NFT mini-video clips of Uncle Sam’s professional basketball league in the country.

Top Shot Edition NFL

Inspired by this policy, NFL has partnered with Dapper Labs to promote its game with NFTs. These are available on the NFL All Day Platform. If the project is still in its infancy, he has not started yet. The operating system still provides a waiting list, assuring users that they can preview what it will look like.

According to the league’s first information released on Twitter this week, the NBA is very close to the site already on the top shot. Thus, each of the “highlights” can buy random packs with a certain amount of rarity.

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