United States: In New York, the number of children hospitalized for Covit-19 is on the rise

United States: In New York, the number of children hospitalized for Covit-19 is on the rise

Each new variant has its complications. With the eruption of the Omigron variant first discovered in South Africa in mid-October, the United States has been experiencing an explosion of lawsuits, but not only that. In New York City and New York State in general, the number of hospital admissions has been on the rise since November 1, with an increase of nearly 190%, according to health officials. NBC New York.

Of those admitted to this new hospital, more children are with Govit-19. The New York State Department of Health is closely monitoring the hospitalization of children associated with Covit-19, according to a report released Friday.

“The biggest increase is in New York City, which quadrupled between Dec. 5 and Dec. 19,” it said. Half of these combinations are for children under 5 years of age, so they are not yet old enough to be vaccinated. According to figures released by NBC New York on Monday, enrollment for children is now 184 across the state, up from 109 in New York, up from 70 two weeks ago.

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“Many people continue to think that children are not infected with goiter. This is not true. Children are infected with goiter and some will be admitted to hospital. Vaccine coverage is very low, and then the state health commissioner, Dr. Mary D. Bassett, has warned that the vaccine should be increased, especially for children between the ages of 5 and 11. According to him, the number of children hospitalized for Covid-19 has doubled in the last three weeks in New York State, and has increased fivefold in the “Big Apple”.

Rising cases

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of Covid 19 cases in the United States continues to rise, with an average of nearly 190,000 new cases per day over the past seven days. And New York did not escape. In two weeks, the number of cases registered daily has increased from 185,000 to more than 240,000 today.

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The arrival of the new variant, and anniversary celebrations, similar to travel and family reunions, has caused a rush in trials in the United States, making it difficult to obtain in some places. Dr. Anthony Fassi, a senior adviser to the White House on the fight against the epidemic, assured that the shortage would be resolved soon.

“One of the problems now is that the (tests) will not be fully available to everyone until January,” the epidemiologist told the ABC. “But we notice a testing problem and it will be fixed very soon,” he continued, acknowledging his frustration with these distribution issues.

Lack of testing

President Joe Biden announced last week that the federal state would purchase a large number of tests: 500 million kits, which will be distributed free of charge to anyone who asks. But these tests will not be delivered until January, which provokes harsh criticism against the White House, as the strategy to combat Covid 19 has been focused mainly on vaccination for several weeks.

On December 6, a few days after Omicron was first discovered in the United States, U.S. executive spokesman Jen Psaki was questioned about the difficulty in accessing tests in the country. “Send free trial to all Americans, right?” She did the laundry.

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Dr. Fassi also spoke about the Omigran variant and its dangerous nature. Realizing how “extraordinarily contagious” Omigron is, he praised data from studies in South Africa and the United Kingdom, indicating a lower risk of cases. “When you have new infections like this, it’s more than a real reduction in risk,” he warned, fearing congestion at the hospital system.



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