NFL | Seventh consecutive win for the Dolphins

(New Orleans) The Miami Dolphins became the first NFL team to win seven straight games after a seven-match losing streak of 20-3 against the New Orleans Saints on Monday.

Brett Martell
Associated Press

Jaylan Wade, one of the most visible newcomers, shone when he returned to the roster, catching 10 passes, including one from Touchdown, for a total of 92 yards.

Nick Neetham Saints rookie quarterback intercepted Ian Bookin’s pass and ran the ball 28 yards to get the middle finger. The Dolphins are 8-7 and have teamed up with the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Riders. All of its teams are trying to pursue one of the last places in the American Association to provide access to the playoffs.

The book has landed on the field for the first time in the NFL. He started the game for the Saints (7-8) as COVID-19 cases exploded on the team, sidelining 16 players. This includes beginner quarterback Daisy Hill and experienced replacement quarterback Trevor Simeon.

The Saints offensive line had to do without three starters, including its two blockers. The book completed 12 of his 20 passes to record 135 yards. He enjoyed eight excuses and saw his two passes intercepted.

The Saints’ defense went out of their way to keep the New Orleans at bay. He was tight to play in the third quarter until 5:10 when a water-yard touchdown in the Tua Dakovilova pass made it 17-3.

Takovilova started the game with a 69.9% success rate and the best pass rate in the NFL. 19 of his 26 passes were taken for 198 yards (73.1%) in addition to the short touchdown. However, he saw one of his passes intercepted by Marshan Latimore.

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