Millions of mobile phones will stop working by 2022 – Android and iPhone are on the list

With the release of new smartphone models, many more models are being phased out. Especially in 2022 many models will stop working from January 1st, and the ones in your hands may be listed below.

Millions of Android and iOS (Apple) phones will stop working because they no longer receive software and security updates.

Affected Android models use version 2.3.7 or older of the operating system and include:

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite.

When on the list of Apple phones:

Currently, the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus will be active until the end of 2022, after which they will be added to this list. Release of the website
Nokia Iconic Nokia 6310 - Sputnik Greece 1920, released 29.07.2021

Nokia 6310: Iconic mobile phone “resurrected” – video

Because all of this equipment will expire in 2022

Because the computers will stop working No more security or software updates, Manufacturers are introducing upgraded devices with new features.

How can I check if my mobile will stop working in 2022

You need to make sure your mobile phone stops working by 2022 Enter “Settings” or “Configuration” and then “About Phone” information There you can check the device name and its operating system.

Is there anything that can be done to avoid the “blackout” of the mobile?

The mobile operating system will last longer than its functions, so some of these models will continue their basic functions next year. The problem is when they are damaged or deformed, Can not solve the problem of original technical support of brands.

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