Buchananers: Double knee sprain for Shock Barrett

Tampa Bay will lose its linebacker at the end of the season.

Shock Barrett suffered a knee injury during the Buchananers’ victory over the Panthers. He left the tournament during the second quarter and returned shortly before the scheduled exit in the third quarter.

If Bruce Arians reported an inter-joint ligament sprain after the meeting, analyzes carried out on Monday also revealed the presence of an anterior cruciate ligament sprain. Tampa Bay coach Barrett said he would miss the end of the campaign, but there is a possibility he could return in the postseason.

“It’s okay, but he may not be available throughout the regular season,” Arians told ESPN. “We expect him to return to the playoffs.”

Edge Rusher joins Leonard Fornett (RP), Lavonde David (LP), Mike Evans (WR), and Jason Pierre-Paul (DE) on the list of starters expected to return to the Buchanan list for the January playoffs.

Shortly before his injury, Barrett checked his second season with the Florida team with more than 10 sacks, becoming the fourth player in franchise history to reach this total.

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