1,400 victims were negatively reported before Christmas

1,400 victims were negatively reported before Christmas

This is a major bug that could exacerbate Covit-19 pollution. At St. Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst, Sydney (Australia), 1,395 positive patient tests were negatively reported. Daily Mail. These tests were carried out just before Christmas and may have given these people a false sense of security. These residents will receive a confirmation text message before their samples are tested. So they may have sent the virus to their families at Christmas time.

A “human error”

On Sunday, the British newspaper reported that 400 people had been sent a letter of apology by the hospital, which led them to send them “human error” misinformation, explaining to them that they were in fact positive. On Monday, a further 955 people were contacted by the company. “We have identified what happened and can confirm that it was caused by human error. We have procedures in place to ensure that this does not happen again, ”a hospital spokesman said.

The Daily Mail An Australian musician plans to file a complaint against one of the victims of this misdiagnosis. He isolated himself after an antigen test that declared him positive, but eventually received this text message and then attended a Christmas meal with his family, which was negative for Govind. So hundreds of families may be in the same situation and may have been in contact with the virus.

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