US wants to send middle and lower level officials to Winter Olympics to support athletes playing “diplomatic boycott”


The United States has said next year that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a “diplomatic boycott” and that no official delegation will be sent. The visa application prompted the international community to discuss the true definition of “diplomatic boycott” in the name of “supporting security measures”.

Reports on the “South China Morning Post”. Screenshot of the South China Morning Post website.

According to the report, according to two sources and a file, the US government recently submitted a three-month short-term visa application form to China. In Beijing.Worked in the US State Department.One worked in the Defense Department.Most of them are middle and lower level officials.

The report also noted that those familiar with the issue described a large gap between the two governments’ definitions of diplomatic boycott. In the case of Beijing, the US move contradicts the previously announced boycott because they are also “US officials”. But Washington believes those on the list are not official representatives, but people who support medical and safety needs. The United States is likely to submit another visa application, including 40 officers, the report said.

White House Press Secretary Shaggy.  AP Image.

White House Press Secretary Shaggy. AP Image.

It may be true that the United States first coined the term “diplomatic boycott” this time around, announcing that it would not send officials to the Beijing Olympics, but it did not consider it in advance. Authorities said it was unexpected. Should always be sent to support the American Olympic team to do this embarrassing thing. To resist, officers will be sent back.

Looking back on the cause of the incident, White House spokesman Shaqi announced on December 6 that the Biden administration would not send diplomatic or official representatives to participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, given China’s human rights abuses in Xinjiang. . “The United States supports 100% of athletes, but does not promote the Winter Olympics.”

So far, countries that have diplomatically ignored the Beijing Winter Olympics include the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Lithuania and Kosovo. Most of them are “Five Ice Alliance”, traditional American allies or their members “anti-China leading soldiers.” On the contrary, the international community generally believes that politics should not be a sport.

On December 2, the “Beijing Winter Olympic Troops Resolution” jointly drafted by China and the International Olympic Committee was unanimously adopted by the 76th United Nations General Assembly and jointly proposed by 173 member states. Only the United States, Australia and India, Turkey and 19 other countries refused to sign.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Legion.  Xinhua News Agency.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Legion. Xinhua News Agency.

In response to US repeated calls for a “diplomatic boycott”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said support from the international community for the recent Beijing Winter Olympics and opposition to the politicization of the Games had been on the rise. For example, United have confirmed that Secretary of State Guterres, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other dignitaries will be coming to China to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics; French President Macron and Austrian Prime Minister Neymar have made it clear they oppose the politicization of the Games; He pointed out that southern government officials in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and other countries said the Olympics were not a place for ideological conflict, but a platform to help build closer friendships and cooperation between countries.

Zhao Lijian reiterated that China welcomes athletes from all over the world, including the United States, to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics. This will ensure the safety and comfort of all athletes and help each Olympian achieve their Olympic dreams. To achieve good results beyond themselves.

In fact, the US-led Western powers have fallen into the trap of “pro-China economies, and politically anti-Chinese”. As a result, many new vocabularies have been obtained from political circles in recent years. Fierce competition to replace China and the United States “and” legitimate rivalry. ” How can it be said that they are not official representatives? America is constantly playing politics and as a result many jokes are being made.

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