The previous version reveals a preview of future Google OS innovations

WhenAndroid 12 Rarely released and still in use on many devices, the first images of what Android 13 will look like have begun to spread on the Internet.
Experts from the XDA Developers Forum were able to get the screenshots from the development of Android 13 at a very early stage of development, but it also provides an overview of the many new features that can be integrated with Android Tiramisu.

Be careful, however, to take the usual tweak, there is no mention that the new features offered by these screenshots will be permanently integrated into the final version of Android 13.

Find out more in the video:

Different language for each application

Android 13 is a new feature that allows multilingual users to configure a different language for each application installed on their smartphone. பான்மொழி, That’s the name of this function, which will be integrated into Android systems in a section Application language Within the menu Language and seizures.

Permissions for notifications

The management of notifications, which had already been updated in earlier versions of Android, could be further strengthened on Android 13.
To combat unwanted notifications, Google plans to integrate apps with authorization to enable notifications, such as access to the smartphone’s location, microphone or camera.

Tare: A new energy saving system

Android 13 can also introduce a function called TARE Android Resource Economy, A new energy consumption management system. This function uses the system of resource credits assigned to applications based on the amount of charge remaining on the battery.
Applicants should use these credits to get accreditation to do their work, without the possibility of going beyond that once their credit has been used.

New view for the clock

The lock screen of Android 13 can benefit from the new display system for the watch. In the absence of notifications traditionally displayed in the center, a single line will be added by default at the top left of the screen, as if notifications had been received.

XDA developers also believe that this functionality can be provided in Android 12L.

Source: XDA Developers

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