Suarez, one last trip to the US?

Suarez, one last trip to the US?

Description: "Atletico Madrid: Suarez, last trip to the US?"

At 34, Luis Suarez is slowly approaching the end of his career. Still in Europe, El Pistolero finds many American clubs giving him sweet eyes.

Since 2006, Luis Suarez has been developing in Europe. Croningen and Ajax in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Liverpool in the UK followed by Barசாa and Atletico Madrid in Spain. In 15 years, Had time to record the Uruguayan trivia 435 But On the old continent, he could leave soon. After his good season last year, he was able to deliver it Spain’s champion at Colconeros, The fiscal year 2021-2022 is a bit complicated. Between injuries and inadequate performance, Luis Suarez’s almost 35 years (in less than a month) are beginning to make sense. In football, which is increasingly needed, it is difficult to be good without being 100% physical. Suarez has not scored a single goal in almost two months, and his name is spreading more and more across the Atlantic.

Many American clubs in search

Apparently, many American teams are closely following this file. Its lush, sometimes spectacular side is very interesting MLS Clubs. David Beckham’s Inter Miami, for example, shows a long-standing interest in El Pistolero. If his initial wishes are still pronounced, there is no doubt that other organizations in North America will show interest in including Suarez.

The most reliable option is to return closer to South America and his home country. Brazil Colconeros with Les is particularly interested in the striker Corinthians Those who follow him most closely.

Suarez’s contract with Atletico expires in 2022, after which he could join the United States next summer. Rumors even suggest a possible departure in January but it is very speculative.

Where will Suarez decide to end his life?

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