Scientists have discovered a hole in the center of the earth

Scientists have discovered a hole in the center of the earth

The team of scientists encountered an interesting breeze off the coast of Panama. Researchers searching for the source of the wind have discovered a hole in the earth’s surface.

The unusual ventilation found on the coast of Panama has mobilized scientists. Exploring the cause of this flow, which can be described as a breeze, scientists began to study the geochemistry of the region. Volcanic rock, gas and liquid samples from the region were studied.

In the processes of the National Academy of Sciences With published worksThe Cocos tectonic plate is reported to have an opening about 100 km below the surface, towards the center of the Earth. The researchers said that this transparency could explain many things.

A geological hole has been discovered in Panama


3D rendering of the topographic map of Panama.

The mantle is mostly composed of rocks with a specific structure of silicon and oxygen atoms, but may not be able to face the same structure in each region. The team of scientists encountered an unusual situation below Central America. David Beckhardt, an expert in marine chemistry and geochemistry, was one of the researchers who conducted the study. “Below Panama is a hole, a window through the slab that allows this mantle component to come inside.” Said.

According to research results, this window may have formed naturally or as a result of a gap. In both cases, the movement of objects on the surface a Creates a breeze Provides. When thinking about what triggers this breeze, two possibilities emerge. The first is the crust and the mantle fission zone, where the products combine galaphos with panama. From the Panama Fracture Zone To overcome. Second, the materials of the regular rotation of the coat From clear Will last.

Beckhardt noted that the presence of the mantle window may explain the absence of active volcanoes in Panama. Water stagnation on the surface of the subduction plates triggers volcanic formation. The opening in the tray below Panama means that there is a gap in the surface as water does not stagnate. This is the flow of molten magma. Hard to get Reasons. Bekaert said there are unexplained contradictions in mantle chemistry around the world and he would like to continue working with his team in this field.

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