Mercedes G-Class makes its debut at the US premiere


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Blue pill or red pill? The popular choice proposed by the character Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburn) for the main hero Neo (Keanu Reeves) in the first film of the Matrix story pushes the latter to choose the red pill to join the revolt against the dream life simulated by the Matrix. . By placing its G-Class 63 on a giant inflatable red tablet that is 12m long, 4m wide and 3.5m high, both Mercedes blinks at the movie and displays its famous all-rounder. .

In fact, a Class G 550 all dressed in black makes for a chase show in the film. According to the first pictures sent to us, the awkward look of the vehicle in the picture is guaranteed by a large grass bar in front, a roof rack with LED lights and extended rims and tires. As a reminder, the 550 version of the G-Class is mainly distributed in the United States, with a dual-turbo 4.0 V8 of 416 hp. Enough to move Jharkhand.


Mercedes-Benz showed off one of its iconic vehicles in the latest movie at the Matrix Saga (“The Matrix Resurrections”). A picture from the American blockbuster production G550 is of the scary type, all fitted with black LED lights and a roof rack with grass bar and wide all-terrain rims. The G 63 AMG was installed in front of the Castro Theater in San Francisco, California, USA for the premiere of the film.

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