London, New York, Sydney … major cities facing Omigran cancel or reschedule their New Year celebrations

London, New York, Sydney ... major cities facing Omigran cancel or reschedule their New Year celebrations

Many cities have decided to play safely by canceling events, while others prefer to keep them under strict conditions.

What can the French expect on New Year’s Day? The government may be called upon to take new sanctions by the evening of December 31, while a new Security Council convenes on Monday afternoon. Among the hypotheses at the executive table, the curfew order is the same as last year, but the possibility of closing bars and restaurants outside, an idea already mentioned at the last council meeting. Head of State.

To avoid any risk and to prevent the eruption of pollution associated with the Omigron variant in the country, France has already taken a number of concrete steps, namely the direct cancellation of the 31st evening crackers. Prime Minister Jean Costex. The mayor of Paris has announced the cancellation of a traditional event taking place at the Champs-Elysées.

The French case does not appear to be personal. To date, many capitals and metropolitan areas have already warned that the festivities will be canceled. Conversely, other municipalities have announced to maintain meetings, under severe conditions. BFMTV takes part.

Reduced gauge and mask in New York

Every January 1st, it is traditionally one of the pictures of the beginning of the year. To celebrate the change for the New Year, tens of thousands of New Yorkers have gathered in Times Square to enjoy a grand party. The event, though maintained, will welcome 15,000 people against 60,000 “alone” this year, according to the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio. CNN. In addition, visitors will not be allowed to enter the enclosure reserved for them before 3 p.m.

At the site, participants will be subject to very strict hygiene instructions, including the mandatory wearing of a mask and the provision of an identity document with a photograph. Proof of vaccination should also be shown if they are 5 years of age or older.

“We did not expect a holiday this year, but we can still enjoy a happy holiday,” the city’s health commissioner told the same media. , Dr. Dave A. Choks. Last year, a virtual event transformed the festivities.

Fireworks are maintained in Sydney

The Australian city, one of the first global metropolitan cities to celebrate the transition to the New Year, wants to mark the event despite the proliferation of Covid 19 cases on the island.

As for the spectacular fireworks display that takes place around the city’s Opera House, it is maintained under certain conditions. This year, officials are calling for people paying for the event and not going to town without tickets. In addition, the vaccine is not currently mandatory to access one of the 24 views provided by the city, although it is promoted on the city’s official website.

Despite the precautions, local health professionals are worried about the fall of the celebrations. “The number of hospital admissions is increasing by 50 per day, so we must maintain reasonable precautions,” it said. Defender Robert Puy is a pediatrician specializing in infectious diseases at the University of Sydney.

விழா Cancels ceremonies in London

In recent weeks, the UK has been hit by massive waves of new Omicron variant infections, prompting authorities to take further control measures. In this, London Labor Party Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that the planned celebrations for the New Year in the British capital would be canceled.

“We will no longer hold this celebration of 6,500 people in Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve,” he announced. “It’s very frustrating for many Londoners, but we need to take the right steps to reduce the spread of the virus.”

Instead, the BBC reported that “a live broadcast of a spectacular show”, “celebrating our city and highlighting the highlights of 2021, will be the focus of New Year’s celebrations in London.” Town Hall.

பட்ட Fireworks display canceled in Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt

Like the British, the German government has decided to strike hard as the year-end holidays approach. The new president, Olaf Scholes, announced on December 21 that new restrictions had been imposed across the Rhine, including a ban on meetings for the new year.

In fact, crackers traditionally organized in Berlin are being canceled in other major cities of the country, including Munich and Frankfurt. From December 28, only 10 people who have been vaccinated or healed will be allowed to reunite in person at ceremonies, and two who have not been vaccinated, to avoid large crowds.

Cancels its fireworks display at the Athens Acropolis

Another highlight of New Year’s Day is the fireworks display organized at the Acropolis in Athens. Hellenic Health Minister Thanos Flavris announced on December 23 that this year’s event will be canceled, unfortunately for Greeks and those who love spectacular images.

In addition, from December 24, masks were made mandatory indoors and outdoors.

After canceling them, Rio de Janeiro maintains ceremonies

The Brazilian Municipality makes a face. After announcing the cancellation of all ceremonies in early December, the latter changed his mind and confirmed holding the celebrations.

“We want to celebrate the end of the year in a peaceful, safe and orderly manner. CNN.

Therefore, feast animals are invited to stay close to home and avoid unnecessary trips.

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