In two decades, the lifespan of pets has doubled

In two decades, the lifespan of pets has doubled

The lifespan of pets has doubled in two decades because in the 90s pets lived about 8 years. Today dogs live an average of 12 years and cats 16 years.

Veterinarian Erwin Flores explained Mechanothiasis Is due Evolution of human behavior towards pets: “Even before the epidemic, there was an increase in people’s interest in having one more person in the non-human family,” he said.

Studies show that Pets “Benefit our quality of life to prolong our own lifespan”, Because “there are some treatable quality animals in the family”, especially those who live alone or have some disability situation.

Increased demand for immunizations

The veterinarian said there was currently “a revolution” in preventive medicine “There is no one who does not know that dogs should be vaccinated from an early age.”, Compared to other periods in which “dogs were vaccinated after they became ill”.

The expert said so with the so-called Pets Liability Rights Act “Le Solito”, Which, among other features, regulates the delivery of the animal within 70 or 80 days, and not earlier than 60 days. “They get communication skills, To moderate the bite “.

The above, he estimates, is “very important because an animal that is communicative and well-educated is less stressed”, and Stress is a determining factor in reducing the lifespan of animals.

“Going for a walk, being a part of the family, feeling loved” are also important factors, and Flores said, “not to humanize them, but They need to understand that they are family members..

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