Another blow to the lockers!

NBA LeBron en larmes après avoir dépassé Jordan

With a long series of defeats, the Lakers are clearly not in the best positions. Unfortunately, the bad news continues for them.

By the end of 2021, the Lakers will have to deal with another crisis in Los Angeles. Against the Nets on Christmas Day, this Saturday night, to the extent of its 5th consecutive defeat, the rights can no longer be won. This is a very critical time for fans who are starting to get frustrated.

Isaiah Thomas Benze, Russell Westbrook, who scored an ugly 4/20 on a shot against Brooklyn, also failed to shine in the lead. Critics are being fired against the leader, Darren Collison’s person forces the office before recruiting a wild card.

Lead, the big problem with lockers

This situation in the latter 1 will not improve in weeks because Rajon Rondo will not be able to play in the next matches. In fact, this Sunday evening, we learned that the player was suffering from goiter. He will be absent until the next announcement, limiting options to the end.

Rajon Rondo has entered the health protocol.

Bad new? We may be afraid that other players will follow Rondo, yes. But if we relied on the former Celtic performance, this absence is unlikely to change greatly. Rondo has averaged 3.1 points and 3.7 aids this season, far from his contribution to the 2020 playoffs.

Despite this, Isaiah Thomas was not retained by the Angelinos team, Who could have. A new arrival outside so will not be rejected in Los Angeles in the coming days.

Isolated Lakers player Rajon Rondo, hoping others will not follow him. The Angelinos are already in great trouble and are in danger of drowning in the days to come. Focus on business.

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