What’s the worst business this year? You know her well

What's the worst business this year?  You know her well
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Posted by Hugo plasot-moison December 25, 2021 at 6:35 p.m.

At the end of each year, it is Time to take stock and reconsider. In this case, several rankings have been released and some are more bizarre than others. You can see who was appointed here The worst company of 2021.

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The worst company of 2021

Every year, le site Yahoo Finance Publishes rankings of worst companies in calendar year. It also includes rankings for the best company. In 2021, the right student Microsoft. This topic was obtained following a study conducted in a group of more than 1000 persons. Creation bill Gates Won this title once again. But on the contrary, the worst student of the year is another American company, which is in the digital world.

This company is privileged to be appointed “Worst Company of the Year” According to one survey, neither more nor less Giant Facebook. In fact, the public condemns Mark Zuckerberg’s group for many things. In the poll, the meta group received only 8% of the vote. I.e. the second worst mark Alibaba With 16% of the vote.

Bad business

Why Facebook?

2021 will not be easy for the newly renamed Meta team. Internet users believe that Facebook is not doing enough Rise of the climax On the network. There is also Plot groups It brings a lot of misinformation and the network only acts as a very small part in dealing with it.

Another key element, apparently, is corruption following the revelations of the former employee “Whistleblower” Francis Hogan. By providing Facebook files, Thousands of internal company references to the American media, which brought to light the company’s malicious practices.

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