See you in 2022! |

See you in 2022!  |

Dear Readers, The time has come for London’s elves to relax a bit. We send you this little note to thank you for a wonderful year spent on your page and make sure to say goodbye to it!

December 23 to January 7, Your dedicated editorial staff will do their part to benefit from their Christmas parties. So the newspaper will be on winter vacation, but we will keep you informed. In the event of an emergency: New regulations or approvals linked to epidemiological and information alerts will always be closely monitored by our team until their return in 2022.

By 2021, we have brought you over 2,200 articles, ranging from the most serious to the most ridiculous. Bojo’s adventures, the evolution of the plague, life in London and the United Kingdom, royal children, Christmas markets, exhibitions, news, good addresses, advice to foreigners … in short, we are not idle. As always, you have been there since this year, 1.5 million of you have read our articles! You are very interested because you read everything (really): you tried to understand with us What is Voxism, le No Nut November (Scams), Covid-19 Types. You wanted to know more History of the Dr. Martens brand, That Camden neighborhood Or on The baby’s movements in the mother’s womb. Then, of course, you took advantage of our advice to foreigners, Guide to immigration to the United Kingdom Up Writing email in English. Is very interesting, because we tell you!

So we address A big thank you To each of you. Thank you for your loyalty, interest, curiosity, your emails, your feedback, your (more or less) pleasant comments and your interest in the British Isles. Our small team has been looking forward to following the daily news with you for over twelve years now.

As we look forward to reuniting for the New Year, we wish you all a Happy Holidays. For our part, we are increasingly preparing for the British year 2022. Our resolutions for the New Year have not changed: we must continue to do serious journalism in English, without being bored, without being naive, without forgetting that it is French! Congratulations, see you next year! London Team,

Stephen Jermaine, co-editor-in-chief

Luther Beaumont, co-editor

Laurent Collin, publishing director

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