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More than a year later, Darren Starr returns with Emily in Paris for the second season.

Lilly Collins will reprise her role as Emily Cooper in the film as Lori Fioleu (Sylvie Greto), Ashley Park (Mindy), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Rasad (Camille), Samuel Arnold (Luke), and Bruno Gauri (Julian) in the Philippines. ) And William Abbott (Antoine Lambert). Jeremy O. Harris (Gregory Elliott Dubree), Arnaud Pinard (Laurent G) and Lucian Lewiskound (Alfie) also join the cast.

Emily’s second season in Paris will have ten episodes, during which the protagonist will have to make “surprisingly difficult decisions.” Everything will not be as thought. This is always questioning your American view of the world. We have a lot of forks and places to go, ”Star said.

How and when to watch “Emily in Paris” Season 2?

The second season of “Emily in Paris” will be released on Netflix this Wednesday, December 22nd. For a country at the following times:

What’s happening in “Emily in Paris” Season 2?

Going to St. Tropez with Emily Mathews? Will Camille find out what happened between Emily and Gabriel? Will Gabriel return to Camille or choose Emily? What does Camille want to talk to Emily about? Will Sylvie and Antoine reunite? Emily’s new volume in Paris ”episodes Here are some questions to answer.

According to the official Netflix summary, “Emily is better and better in the city now that she’s settled in Paris, although she still conforms to French customs. After falling in love with a neighbor and his first French friend, Triangle has decided to focus on his work, which is becoming more and more complicated every day. In the French class, Emily meets a foreigner who not only makes her very nervous, but also stimulates her interest. ”

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