Meet: Jeff McNeill to trade

Meet: Jeff McNeill to trade

After getting two excellent first seasons in the Majors, things calmed down for Jeff McNeill.

The man who wore the New York Mets uniform did not live up to the expectations he had placed on him for two years. After all, he finished sixth in the Rookie poll of the year in his first campaign and was selected for the next All-Star Game.

So it was a little wise to think that we expect a lot from him.

So the Mets, who have had a great season so far without signing anyone other than Max Scherzer, may be tempted to compromise to strengthen the starting cycle.

This is logic.

McNeill is a left-handed batsman who can play in second as well as third. So the question to ask is: Can Jace be interested in his services or not?

He can bring a different dimension to the batting line with his left hand and can certainly fill the hole in the third paddle.

He is still young and will only have his fifth season on the Manfred Tour next year. He has time to find his bearings and has already shown that he can be a part of the league’s elite.

If it’s not Toronto, it’s another team watching the Mets, as we understand it from the Sportsnet New York article above.

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