Hippies: Hohnek and Gallius check out tickets to the US

Hippies: Hohnek and Gallius check out tickets to the US

We know of two new qualifying rounds for the next BRICS D’America on January 30th. At Critérium Continental, the third qualifying round for the main event, Hohnek Performed a great performance to get his sigh. Driven very quietly by François Lagadeuc, he had a subtle position with his nose air on the second deck, but it did not disturb the driver in any way. “At this point I controlled the test, he explains. I was looking forward to racing at high speeds, but we were all looking at each other.”

Galius takes advantage of the wind fall

Brix Tennor de Bonn in the fourth qualifying round for the Brix d’America, Galius Taking advantage of the opportunity available to him, he took advantage of his favorite setback, Ambia Made SM, Mistake in the final turn to win. “I really don’t have any hot-button explanations,” says his driver Frank Newart with great disappointment. A boon Galius This allows John Leporshwa to sign on for the third win of the winter meeting. This victory was of a particular nature to the pilot who was violently attacked on October 5, thus suspending him for 45 days. For Galius Such as Hohnek, Their participation in the Prix d’Amérique is pending, but the entourage of the two horses leaned towards a positive response.

Succeeds at Oak’s Ideal Photo

Three years later Fato to Sen, Claude Goodge’s coat shines again at Brix de Vincennes. Oak Ideal I did a real demonstration in this group reserved for 3 year olds, again featuring Julian Le Mer and Paul Philippe Blockwin. “I told you we’ve won a big race again,” the coach told his jockey, hugging him.

Carolyn Lope pays tribute to Eric Ruffin

Carolyn Loeb, who was invited by our title, rewarded the Brix Lee Parisian winner Eric Ruffin. Hurella. The actress is set to star as Francois Bar Sagan in Paris next month, which was nominated for Molieres. Delighted to be at the Paris-Vincent Racecourse, she had the privilege of following Briggs de Vincennes (Gr. I) on the following bus: “I was unconscious. I will be back. “

Paris-Vincenzo, December 26. Carolyn Lope Briggs honors Parisian winner Eric Ruffin Scooptica – Desperate Valentine

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