Why are apples like this and how do they interact with black holes

Why are apples like this and how do they interact with black holes

Because Apples Are they like that? To get the answer, it would be surprising or true if you are not interested Physics, You need to know that there is a connection between the science of Black holes And apple stalk. Let’s see then Why apples have that shape and its relationship with black holes.

Why apples are designed like this and its interaction with black holes

One step Harvard University study (USA) et al British and Chinese centers, A Common apple And a mysterious Black hole To One thing in common: A century-old history, primary Its shape is close to the “singular” point.

The story of the century is not related to anything else Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1726), considered the father of modern physics. In fact, if we remember or know some history, we will remember that it was precisely him I watch the apple fall That Newton came to develop the theory of universal gravitation. Many years later, its general relativity Albert Einstein showed that gravity changes The Organization of place and time.

This decay, in the most severe cases, can create a black hole, It is a celestial body whose center of gravity tears up space-time Creates an anomaly Called mathematics “Singular”. Singularity is The point where the curve becomes infinite, Like – and we already have the second part of the analogy – in Apple area Where the stem is located (which, surprisingly, is the hardest part to peel an apple).

100 volumes from Newton University

To achieve their results, the researchers Studied 100 apples taken from an orchard at the University of Cambridge (UK), same place as Newton taught. They saw it The various forms that can bear fruit around the petioles are similar to itself, I.e., they can find each other through a magnifying glass. They observed that too Because singularity arises The The outer and inner parts of the apple grow at different rates.The great thing about integrations is that they are universalThomas Michaels, one of the authors of the study, said: “Apart from black holes, in fact, Other peculiarities There seems to be characteristics such as the reflection of light at the bottom of the swimming pool. A drop coming from a liquid And the spread of a fracture.

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