The people of London love their pickles, the Parisians do not like Priya

The people of London love their pickles, the Parisians do not like Priya

London is proud of its Kerkin, while the Parisians refuse to build a “fry” shaped skyscraper. This 700 million euro project sowed discord within the French political landscape.

Angry Parisians have landed in a final attempt to halt construction of a 42-storey skyscraper in the center of the capital. With a budget of over 700 million euros, the building has been compared by many French architects and politicians to a “huge bribe.”

A triangular tower will be on the valuable campus

Designed by Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, the building will have 42 floors and home offices, a four-star hotel, a cultural center and a health center. Its triangular shape and large bay windows make it a unique and modern building. If it is built, it will become the tallest skyscraper in the city since the Montburnas Tower was built in 1973. Building for Unibile Rodomko, Europe’s largest real estate group supporting the project. ” Real economic and cultural interest.

The most controversial project from the beginning

For many architects, the ‘triangular tower’ to be built this year will destroy the city’s airspace and harm its environment and economy. Plans for the tower, mostly compared to Short in London, were approved ten years ago, but its construction was repeatedly delayed due to persistent complaints from architectural associations, activists and some Paris officials. Didier Reichner, art historian and founder of the Tribune d’Art magazine, was outraged: “It’s like a big breeze in the sky, you can see it everywhere, it’s a problem.”, He added that he likes “Real cheese. “

Bree divides the political left

The first to oppose the construction plan was Philip Coujoin, the conservative mayor of the 15th Arrondissement, the future construction site of the tower. Recently, during a meeting of the Paris City Council, he announced that he planned to make an official request to postpone the project. Gaujon had explained.

The second component, which could put an end to the project, emerges from the initial investigation conducted by prosecutors on suspicion. Discrimination வரை From Paris City Hall to Viparis, the company that manages the Port de Versace site, where construction is to take place.

While the Greens have strongly opposed the plan, backed by Anne Hidalgo, the socialist mayor of Paris, the tower has created an extraordinary rift within the political left. Emily Munier, a member of the French Environmental Party and chair of the Urban Planning and Housing Commission, told the AFP that the majority political class has been established. “Against this plan.”

A tower with very little ecology

The French magazine Télérama criticized the plan and said it was “Outdated, ecologically absurd and inappropriate.” Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online “An asset to economic growth and the influence of capital” By creating “More than 5,000 jobs during its construction”Christine Nedelek, head of the SOS Paris campaign team, denies the allegations. According to him, the opposite could happen: the project “maintains the association. A scandal from the beginning ” Who will create “An Economic and Environmental Disaster.” According to the committee, there are already 1.5 million square meters of vacant offices in Paris.

SOS Paris believes it too “Three to four times more concrete and steel” To build the tower compared to a classic Parisian building. Similarly, its irregular shape can be a source of high energy consumption. In this connection, Ms. Nedelek explains that there will bet “Like a boiler must run at full capacity at all times.

The Parisians combined it with their traditional architecture

The people of Paris are reluctant to build new buildings in the capital. This is according to a poll of 62% of Parisians who say they oppose the construction of skyscrapers. For many, a building does not fit into the Parisian landscape and interferes with the city’s classic housemannian architecture.

In early November, a court overturned earlier decisions that barred developers from obtaining building permits, paving the way for work to begin by the end of the year. But protesters are still preparing for two final attempts to stop the construction.

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