Technological isolation: The United States is blocking the export of space technologies to Russia

Technological isolation: The United States is blocking the export of space technologies to Russia


Under the above heading, Yevgeny Fyodorov wrote in the “Fouine Observerencia” about the draft resolution to prevent the delivery of US space technology to Russia and China.

The article said: The Americans seemed to be blocking everything Russia could achieve. But it turns out that there is still room for maneuver. The problem is not in the system Swift, But one of the most realistic – in the export of space technologies.

Concerned about US leadership in space, Senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill in the Senate entitled “Protecting America’s Space Leadership and Institutions,” which includes not only Russia but also China.

Rubio is actually worried about the industrial intelligence of Russia and China (he is more afraid of China), but all the concerns are centered on the business elements of the space program. In the United States, they fear they will disguise themselves as Russian and Chinese intelligence businesses and explore America’s closest space secrets.

All technologies that revolve around the business are primarily two-dimensional. It is much easier to buy or “borrow” an innovation in Elon Musk’s traditional private office than to infiltrate the Pentagon or NASA’s space programs.

That is why Senator Marco Rubio decided to introduce a bill in the Senate to protect the leadership of the United States and its companies in the aerospace sector.

There are specific destructive targets in this effort that are beyond the scope of protecting their technologies. Frobio calls for “explosion” of the Russia-China International Science Moon Center project.

Of course, it would be difficult for the US to directly slow down the lunar ambitions of the two countries, but it would be entirely possible to restrict access to the project by US technologies.

Washington is now facing significant problems with the lunar program, and if it drags on for a while longer, the Chinese will be second in history in reaching the moon. With the help of Russian technology, of course.

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