Is a cadre ready to trade John Wall immediately ?!

John Wall sur le banc des Rockets

Still on the edge of the rocket, John Wall is only waiting for one thing to leave Houston. However, this wish may soon be fulfilled! The West would be willing to take a level of risk and load a trade to get on the field.

Rumors have been circulating for some time about John Wall not playing a single minute in 2021-22. Although removed from the cycle of rockets, the leader still has a good rating and world interest. However, the clippers seem to be ready to increase the accelerator. As stated in it Bleacher Report, Angelinos are all interested in bringing n ° 1 to:

Wall does not have the same level of explosiveness that was at his peak, but he can still put pressure on the defense and make a demonstrable improvement in outdoor shooting and playmaking than Eric Pletso. The cost of the opportunity is reasonable enough for them to think about it, in particular Kavi Leonard Who can be out of season.

Very hot clippers in John Wall file

Despite being their superstar in fifth place in the West, the Valiers are already a big surprise this season. Hiring a leader who is known for his skills in distribution can seem like an intriguing idea, especially since they are not well represented in this position. Who can be sent to Texas because J-Wall earns more than $ 40 million a year? Fortunately, one set looks great:

Bledsoe has not been attacked frequently, and Serge Ibaho has not looked much better since recovering from a back injury. Both are unlikely to be particularly in LA beyond this season. Luke Kennard is the main point in this matter. Since the start of the year on fire, he has dropped significantly in shooting percentage.

In fact, the offer is of interest to Houston because the right to proceed with the reconstruction could quickly be separated from them. As Don Favell explains P / R, It is enough to add some small assets to facilitate negotiations. In this way, H-Down will finally give up its highly toxic contract and end up with a more effective envelope for recruitment, especially next season.

Houston does not have to think twice about this offer. Kennard’s contract balance is lower than Wall’s earner this season, and he’s only 25 years old. The most important question is whether the rockets are ready to send modest assets (such as the first round of Milwaukee in 2023 or the second round in 2023 and 2024) to make this deal more palatable to Los Angeles.

John Wall in Clippers? While we are still waiting for confirmation from Los Angeles, this is the current trend. Anyway, on the part of the Californians this would be a hell of a move! It remains to be seen whether it will work.

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