Check out Thundertruck’s concept of electric off-road vehicle with bat wings built into solar panels –

Check out Thundertruck's concept of electric off-road vehicle with bat wings built into solar panels -

Wolfgang LA, a creative agency business reveals an interesting concept of off-road vehicle called Thunderdruck which is an electric car with a future design and commitment to better performance both on and off the road. Flexible full function, advanced, 180 kWh battery capacity, can run 400 miles, but the interesting thing is that the car has a sun visor. But the e-solar panel also has a ‘bad wing’ design so that the car’s battery can be charged while still stationary.

Thundertruck Pollution-free car. It has a maximum horsepower of up to 800 horsepower and can cover 0-60 miles in just 3.5 seconds. Also, you can safely operate drones with LIDAR scanning technology if you are going to run any area. In addition to the special room, there is also a holographic view of the state in which the drone is located.

Thundertruck is still just a concept car. But if it was actually made with a cool design, it would be called WOW in one word. You can feel the smell of the Batmobile from the famous movie BATMAN, the manufacturer has priced the car at around $ 70,000 or about 2,3xx, xxx bot.

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