Alec Manova hopes to see brother Eric in the MLB

Alec Manova hopes to see brother Eric in the MLB

Ever since they started wearing the same uniform in high school, the two Manoah brothers have always supported each other. The difficulties of the elderly Eric, on the mound, at the beginning of his career, eventually pushed the younger brother behind the plate to help him. Alec always believed that his brother could progress for many years.

Following Eric’s switch from infielder to pitcher, Alec agreed. However, Alec was still his brother’s receiver when he threw, so he was able to improve his control of the throw. Eventually, the two brothers began to act Closer On their team. Most recently, when the epidemic was in its infancy, they discovered a home gym where they could train together.

It’s been 15 years since I started playing baseball at school and now everyone’s life has taken a different path. You will definitely have seen Alec playing this season, which started his career as a starter in the Blue Jays cycle.

For his part, Eric started off a bit slow. After being drafted by Metsal on the 13the In 2014, Eric was released by the team, to be admitted in 2021 with the Twins organization in 2021. For most of the season he was part of a few small clubs.

Eric was thrilled to see Alec’s carrier. He is proud to see what his brother has achieved. When Alec Toronto made his debut in uniform at the Yankees Stadium last May, he took a break from his own routine to attend this special moment surrounded by his family.

The fact that Alec Majors was on the team with a team that was actively chasing a playoff spot did not stop the two brothers from supporting each other. They are constantly sticking together and will be on top of each other during their respective runs.

The brothers have only one final dream today: to play together on the same team in the MLB. Both are hopeful that day will come.

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