Agco Group announces acquisition of Applareo Systems

Agco Group announces acquisition of Applareo Systems

US group Agco has announced it is in talks to acquire Apario Systems. A transaction that allows the tractor operator to expand its offer based on technology and artificial intelligence.

Agco buys Appareo SystemsAgco buys Appareo Systems (© Agco)

Agco Announced the intention to acquire the US company Appareo settings, Is a leader in software engineering, hardware development and electronics manufacturing. Acquisition effective January 2022.

The company is headquartered in Barco, North Dakota. The brand specializes in the research, development, design and production of robust technologies using artificial intelligence, mechatronics and innovative electronics. Solutions focusing on communication, surveillance, detection, surveillance and control devices used in agriculture and aerospace are provided.

For the leaders of the Agco Group, the acquisition of Appareo aims to expand the list of technological incentives to provide more intelligent and high-quality solutions to farmers. Teams in place will be maintained in the United States, France, and Paris.

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