Patrice may have moved to Washington in 1974

Patrice may have moved to Washington in 1974

In 1968, Major League Baseball advanced, launching the expansion movement that saw the birth of the San Diego Patres and Montreal Expos. Newcomers include Seattle Pilots and Kansas City Royals.

Next season, Montreal baseball fans will find them Zamors, But the story on the San Diego page was very different, where Patress’s introduction was not called a real hit.

A few years after a Majors team arrived in San Diego, fans are still pulling their ears and financial issues are more important than success on the field.

On the Washington side, the city still wants to make up for the loss of senators, and major league baseball officials sympathized with their cause.

Long before the Washington baseball team resurrects with Patrice heading to the US capital.

The movement was real, the team went so far as to equip themselves with uniforms and schedules. The Patress players have seen their names and photos appear on cards labeled Washington instead of San Diego.

The situation was credible because Patrice’s offer was to receive a letter of intent from San Diego for a total of $ 84 million in unpaid rent and other damages. Carrots are cooked for patties in California.

Fortunately for San Diego baseball fans (who have grown in number over the years) things have returned to normal and thanks to the new investors.

Could Expos have been in Montreal?

Remember that 30 years later, the Montreal Expo became the Nationals of the District of Columbia. Would the situation have been different if Budres had followed the same path in 1974?

Sure, it’s obvious, but knowing that Major League Baseball has been working so hard to bring a team back to Washington for so many years, another goal was ready to host the Expos this time around.

If the plan to build a new campus in Auckland fails, the question arises because no city, except Las Vegas, has come forward at this time and Vegas was not ready in the early 2000s.

The game was over, and major league baseball officials were adamant in reclaiming the rights to their friends in Washington.

Will the Expos move in 2004 knowing that the vacuum on the Washington side has been filled? Could this offer have given more time to find a solution and not be imposed on demolition architects Jeffrey Loria and Davis Samson?

Today, we can only see events by telling ourselves that history can fix things right with the joint police program with the Tampa Bay Rays and eventually the Expos return to Montreal.

One thing is for sure, Patres got another chance in San Diego, and they did.

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