Paris is the second busiest city in the world

Paris is the second busiest city in the world

According to Inrix’s in-depth study, by 2021 Paris will be the second busiest city in the world. An anxious leap in the rankings …

Paris, Its motorists, its rivals, its friends, its troubles … so we can summarize the situation faced by people who still want to use their car in the capital. City Hall and Anne Hidalgo Did not stop The fight against pollution And gas / particle emissions, by making decisions with serious consequences. Sidewalks are proliferating, approved speeds on the ring road are declining, parking spaces are being cleared, diesel is being dumped, all of these. Completely without. This can be seen in the statistics: it’s Paris Second city The most bottle in the world!

Paris, you should not drive (anymore)

This claim derives its origin from a Recent study Led Cabinet Inrix. This is usually because the US company has already conducted a similar international analysis in 2020. Paris is the only classified period Sixth In this ranking, Covid-19 results are slightly skewed. In fact, The Telecommunications And different Brackets There are still vulnerabilities in circulation today.

In 2021, a Parisian motorist will spend an average of 140 hours in traffic jams. Great value to be hit only London (148 hours) and its intensified anti-car policy. However, we need to put it forward as this is a waste of time Decreased by 15% compared to 2019. It is not everywhere, for example in Germany, where traffic congestion is most significant in four of the country’s five major cities over the same period. Also note that the model used by Inrix is ​​worrying 1,010 cities All over the world. And excellent students, as Welcome In South Africa, zero hours are lost in traffic jams.

Lyon, Nimes, Strasbourg: Bad students

If the Paris roundabout is also blocked, the grass does not have to be green anywhere else. Take it Leon For example, it is the second largest city in France 12th place In this world rankings. Thus the time spent in transportation 102 hours On average. Nimes Wins in the third palm 97% increase The time spent in traffic jams in two years reached 92 hours. We can also quote Strasbourg Which supports Clean movement At the expense of the car. Results: + 206% Increase compared to 2019!

Other integrations such as Marseille Manages to stabilize their traffic. Traffic jams are always numerous (78 hours lost) But slightly less than 3%. GrenobleHowever, with very few people living in the same situation (- 7%) an average of 71 hours of traffic congestion per year is calculated.

Special Notes Bordeaux and Lily. The first named manages to bury traffic problems with one 53% less wasted time Behind the wheel compared to 2019, which is now 58 hours. Small, 9th in this ranking, a good satisfaction – 33%. However, congestion in French cities is lower than in 2019.

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