London condemns Moscow’s “rhetoric” but welcomes the desire for dialogue

La ministre des Affaires étrangères britannique, Liz Truss, le 29 novembre à Londres.

British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss condemned on Thursday, December 23 “Aggressive and inflammatory rhetoricFrom the Kremlin against Ukraine and NATO, welcomes Moscow’s willingness to engage in negotiations.

In a statement issued after the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the British Foreign Secretary reiterated.Strengthening Russia’s military capabilities on the Ukrainian border and in the illegally annexed Crimea is unacceptable.. ⁇Any Russian incursion would be a major strategic mistake and would be fought with force.“, Especially via”Sanctions imposed in conjunction with our allies to impose heavy costs on Russia’s interests and economy, He added.

Emphasizing nature “NATO defense“The head of British diplomacy underscores this.”Conversation is the only way out of the current situation. ⁇I welcome Russia’s willingness to negotiate in January, He added. Vladimir Putin ruled during a press conference on Thursday.PositiveThe first US reaction to Russia’s demands for an escalation of the Russian-Western crisis surrounding Ukraine.

I hope the first positive reaction (from the US) with the announcement that talks will begin in January (in Geneva) will allow us to move forward.The Russian leader reiterated that Russia would not tolerate any Western weapons organization.At (his) doorstep“, Two days after threatening his rivals”Military and technical activitiesIf his requests are not accepted.

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