Govit-19: New York is offering $ 100 to residents who receive a booster dose

Govit-19: New York is offering $ 100 to residents who receive a booster dose


This is not the first time New York has paid for the fight against Covid 19, and the city has done the same for the first dose.

In the United States, as the number of Covid 19 cases increases, authorities are doubling their awareness and calling on Americans to be vaccinated and tested. So far, only one in six Americans has received the vaccine booster. In New York City, the city is offering $ 100 to encourage people, which is only valid until December 31st.

In Haiti, film Freda Not nominated for an Oscar

The list of films previously selected by the Academy Awards and Film has been released Freda Not part of the report Nouvelliste. But not everything stood out for the film and its director Gessica Géneus. ” The film is still screened at many festivals and is being exploited commercially »Brands Dowell, Editor-in-Chief Novelist.

Success of business singers in Brazil

Business choirs began to appear in Brazil in the 1970s, which is now a tradition among a large number of companies. It is very common for large companies, private or public, to have their own staff. At lunch, staff can take a musical break, which is an opportunity to build a bond, but also to relieve stress.

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