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The dinosaur is named Baby Yingliang and measures 27 centimeters from head to tail and rests inside an egg that is 17 centimeters long.

The embryo was found in perfect condition in Kanzhou, southern China, and is at least 66 million years old, according to researchers.

Scientists believe it is a toothless therop dinosaur, especially the oviprodorosaur. It had feathers and lived in the latter part of Asia and North America today, 100 to 66 million years ago.

Dinosaur- breeding

A map shows a living version of a dinosaur.

Photo: Julius CSOTONYI / Reuters

The “best” dinosaur embryo ever discovered

This discovery also gave scientists an additional understanding of the relationship between dinosaurs and modern birds.

The embryo was curved, which is something never seen before in dinosaurs and the fossil shows that it was like a bird before it hatched.

– This suggests that such behavior of modern birds first appeared and developed with their dinosaur ancestors, says doctor Fion Waisum Ma to the AFP news agency.

– This is the best dinosaur embryo ever discovered, he says.


Oviraptorosauria dinosaur can grow up to the size of a turkey or up to eight meters.

Photo: Wikipedia Comments

Oviroprocer dinosaurs had different crane shapes and diets and could vary in size.

Researchers believe that the embryo was very well protected by the landslide that buried the egg and that it was protected from other animals for eternity.

It can grow up to two to three meters in length and have plants.

The egg was stored for ten years

Archaeologist and professor Steve Brusat, who was part of the research team, tweeted that it was one of the most amazing dinosaur fossils he had ever seen and was ready to hatch.

The egg was first discovered in 2000 and stored for ten years.

It was only when construction began on the museum that the old fossils were sorted and examined very closely by researchers.

They hope to read more of Baby Yingliang using advanced scanning techniques to capture the entire skeleton because parts of the skeleton are still beneath the stone.

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