Web Space Telescope Primal to find the first stars to form around black holes

Vue d'artiste du télescope spatial James Webb Nasa/ESA/CSA. Le télescope spatial le plus ambitieux et le plus complexe jamais construit, il s'appuiera sur les découvertes de missions scientifiques spatiales précédentes telles que le télescope spatial Hubble, abordant les mystères de notre Système solaire, étudiant des mondes lointains autour d'étoiles au-delà de notre Soleil, et les origines de notre Univers. © ESA, medialab

During the first second of the Big Bang black holes of various masses formed and eventually ended up as a source of dark matter. In a new situation, these primitive black holes would have given birth to the first stars sooner than previously thought. The James Webb Space Telescope can verify this theory.

An Esa newsletter echoes an article that was posted arXiv And who is a sea snake in astronomy and Cosmology For about 50 years. The question is constantly discussed with the many oscillations of the pendulum. Black material And origin Larger black holes. It is also believed that they can be used to prove the presence of hawking radiation. These are of course Black holes Primary.

Let us return to the explanations given many times about them in Futura’s articles. These objects are also popular as mini block holes, and this is no less Stephen Hawking Special attention from 1971 basically Works published in 1966 By Yakov Zeldovich And Igor Novikov, two great leaders in Russian astronomy and relativity.

Big Bang fossil black holes

Everything in the rationale for these more theoretical objects is based on a very simple observation. In the context of the relative cosmological models of the genre Big Bang, “Initial” densityThe universe The noticeable should be very large. If we are to believe Equations Trying to describeThe position of the object And field Gravity Close to early cosmological unity General relativity Classically, the universe was so turbulent with its metric and chaotic fluctuations of its density, known as Charles Misner’s (model). Mixmaster Universe), As well as Belinsky, Kaladnikov And LifeSitz. Most recently, moreover, work Gravitational waves Made at the time showed time Turmoil Can actually be used in its hydrodynamic sense.

Under these hellish conditions, if the density fluctuates, a given mass will go under it Ryan de Schwarzschild Slides under it Gravity, Was the result of a black hole.

The problem is, we do not know exactly how many or what may have formed Masses, But a big one Ghost Possibility, depending on the models and Physique Used to describe this most primitive phase of the visible universe. They may theoretically have less masses than the masses Plank (MP= 10-5 g), but beyond that, for example 1,000 to 105 So the solar masses that can work in the latter case Germs For training Larger black holes.

When the existence of dark matter began to be seriously considered, it was naturally explained by bringing these primitive black holes, so their mass and size are called black holes smaller than them.Decline From Stars. Everything Black material, Or can only create a part.

Over the years, many observational constraints have been placed on the mass spectrum of primitive black holes, i.e. on the mass of these substances at a given mass interval. Volume Of the observable universe. In general, the conclusions reached about the existence of these black holes and the amount of dark matter they can compute are very pessimistic.

Speculation was revived with the discovery of Gravitational waves Production Links Black holes Binary systems The masses involved are extraordinarily large despite the order of the stars. To calculate this Disorder, தி Astronomers These black holes are actually primitive black holes, and their rapid detection suggests that they are innumerable to the extent that black matter can still be calculated.

Nico Cappelluti (University of Miami), Günther Hasinger (Scientific Director, ESA) and Priyamvata Natarajan (Yale University) have revived the pendulum by being accepted for publication. The Astrophysical Journal.

Therefore, the researchers are proposing a new model, which, in their opinion, is compatible with the restrictions that have already excluded many spaces for a particular population of primitive black holes, and they believe that they did not kill just two birds with one stone. The appearance of very large black holes but also dark matter. The rapid formation of the first stars and the many observations allow the signatures to be tested or at least to control their situation.

Early black holes are born with phase changes

It takes the idea recently put forward by other researchers that involves the formation of primitive black holes in four successive phases. The first black holes of planetary masses In electroweak change, when the W and Z bosons become larger Thanks for the mechanism Bread-Englert-Higgs, Then Chandrasekhar during the black holes in the mass sequence The Protons And this Neutrons Formed by the compression of quark plasma Clowns (Another Phase change), Then black holes of the order of 30 solar masses (similar to those initially discovered) Link And its existence is illustrated by the decline of the stars) when pions are formed from ever Guacma Finally black holes in the order of one million solar masses Electrons And this Positrons Destroy each other.

Large populations of black holes thus created should generate gravitational waves during collisions Elisa is the inventor May be the highlight of the 2030s. But perhaps the most interesting discovery was about the first stars.

This is the story of James Webb, a space telescope designed to be taken from the legendary Hubble telescope. Its space adventure begins in December 2021 at the Cayenne Space Center, where it will be launched on an Ariane 5 rocket and placed in orbit around the Lockrange L2 point of the Earth-Sun system. This telescope has many instruments including Miri. Responsibility of the ESA and the National Space Agency by the Federation of European Laboratories. © CEA, Cnes, CNRS, Osups

According to researchers’ calculations, under their conditions, primitive black holes are clusters of stars similar to those in a star. Spherical cluster Thus creating mini hollow types of dark matter bathed in the mixtureHydrogen And d ‘Radiation.

This halo collapses and carries supplies with them Gas The surrounding areas increase in their density to the point where they begin to disintegrate, collapsing into denser parts and becoming protostars, processes occurring faster than classical models with dark matter particles.

The first stars will be born sooner than previously thought in this situation. Telescope James Webb should look at the sources Infrared The so-called period is already important Dark age So look for significant star formation earlier than expected.

Producing radiationAggregation Material in early supermasive black holes should be detected not only in the infrared but also in the field. X-rays.

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