Scientists say the world’s first true centipede has been discovered

From Scientists Discovered the world’s first “true” centipede, Jupiter describes a creature that is long, slender and 1,306 feet long, according to a study.
Animal Living. Myriopods, worm-like organisms, dissociated bodies, commonly referred to as “centipedes”, have not yet been identified above 750.

The record species, with 1,306 legs, is described in the review Scientific report, A deep well in a mining area, discovered 60 meters underground
Australia West. Paul Marek, a research professor at the University of Virginia Tech (USA), said that the Greek goddess of the underworld was named “Humilips Persephone” after Hades’ wife.

“This is a remarkable beast!” “

The animal looks like a string about a millimeter wide, but about 10 centimeters long. It has a “conical head with a large antenna and a hook for feeding,” the study says. Eyeless, it is colorless – characteristic of underground animals. “The centipede digs by stretching its elongated body, which makes it thinner to accommodate micro cavities,” Paul Marek explains.

Its many legs stimulate its body, allowing it to open cracks and crevices in the earth and move as it pleases. “This is a remarkable beast!” Andre Nell, entomologist at the CNRS / National Museum of Natural History, answered: In his view, the discovery is a hope for biodiversity because Centipede has “re-colonized artificial holes, which is very encouraging”. He says these micro-cavities, often unknown, serve as a breeding ground for new species to be discovered.

Centipede is one of the first air-breathing animals on earth, with study notes and some extinct creatures up to two meters long. They play an important role in the ecosystems in which they live, eating garbage and recycling nutrients. Their babies hatch with only four legs.

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