NFL | The Buccaneers hire Levion Bell

NFL |  The Buccaneers hire Levion Bell

(Tampa) Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Livion Belle to the contract due to his lack of experience in the backfield.

Fred Gudall
Associated Press

Bell, who was released earlier this season after playing five games with the Baltimore Ravens, joined the Buccaneers on Tuesday as current Super Bowl champions continue to struggle with multiple injuries to key players around quarterback Tom Brady.

Leonard Fornett suffered a hamstring injury in Sunday’s 9-0 defeat to the New Orleans Saints. Ronald Jones will resume the number one role, which he lost to Fornett during the last campaign.

Giovanni Bernard, another senior who was brought in to help Brady, said Fornett’s injury came a week after he was injured against the Buffalo Bills. Buchanan also lost the services of White Receiver Chris Godwin and White Receiver Mike Evans for the remainder of the campaign, who suffered a hamstring injury against the Saints.

The 29-year-old Bell has amassed 1,000 rushing yards three times and has impressed the Buccaneers because of his background. He joins Ke’Shawn Vaughn as Jones’ backup averaging 4.7 yards per car this season.

Since joining the NFL in 2013 as the Pittsburgh Steelers’ second-round pick, Bell has 6,536 rushing yards and 42 touchdowns. He caught 395 balls for 3,258 yards with eight majors for the Steelers, New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs and Ravens.

Fornett has hit 812 yards and eight touchdowns this season. He is next to the Buchanans with 69 receptions for 454 yards and gains of two majors.

In five games with the Ravens, Bell took the ball 31 times and scored 83 yards and two touchdowns.

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