Kovit-19: China controls a city of 13 million people

Kovit-19: China controls a city of 13 million people

Chinese authorities on Wednesday sentenced Sian, who has a population of 13 million, to more than a month in prison as the Covid 19 cases return. Winter JO From Beijing.

The city had already severely curtailed travel Wednesday to control the eruption of the Covid 19. Residents are now “required to stay at home unless there is a compelling reason,” local officials said in a statement. However, one person per household is allowed to shop “every two days”.

China has been following the “zero covit” strategy since last year, doing everything it can to control the occurrence of new cases, usually only a few dozen a day.

The country reported 52 new cases in Cyan on Wednesday, bringing the number of patients registered in the city since December 9 to 143.

Xi’an, which began screening its entire population on Tuesday, previously urged residents to avoid going out and gathering in large groups.

About 90 residential areas are in jail, but the number of those involved is unknown.

To prevent the virus from spreading, Sion residents must be allowed to board the train and leave the city from Wednesday morning, public television CCTV said before the Lockdown announcement.

In the air, more than 85% of flights to and from Xi’an have been canceled, according to special platform VariFlight.

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