5 exhibitions from London to Paris are set to launch in 2022

5 exhibitions from London to Paris are set to launch in 2022

From the Museum of Fine Arts in Paris to the Museum of Victoria and Albert, discover 5 fashion, design and architecture exhibitions and get off to a great start in 2022!

Fashion shows will start in 2022 in Paris, Antwerp and Florence

Theory Mugler from A to Z, Paris. Dedicating an exhibition to Theory Mugler is about tackling a large area as the creator has created many features. The story of the dress relates to it with oversized shoulder dresses, latex dresses and generally a playful erotic. But regardless of that showmanship, Thierry Mugler has always had a taste for the stage since he was a classical dancer in his youth. Fashionable, there are over a hundred costumes not yet on display at the show, including costumes made for Mylene Farmer, Beyonc,, Lady Gaga or David Bowie, for whom she created a sort of fairy costume! On the show page, hanging includes his clips, his shorts, his magazines and, of course, his hair-raising parades. Theory Mugler. Codourism, Museum of Fine Arts, until April 24th. madparis.fr

David Bowie, The Cow-Boys Spring-Summer 1992 Ready-to-Wear Collection.

David Bowie, The Cow-Boys Spring-Summer 1992 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Brian Aris / Arisprints 2017

The world through fashion, Antwerp. In 1997, Hussein Salian covered his autumn-winter parade with ever-narrow saddles, revealing a buffoon, and then completely naked. Thus she combined a certain provocative feeling, fashion and current events. Looking back over the past three decades that saw the September 11, 2001 attacks, the economic crisis of 2008 and the recurring identity crisis, MoMu explores how fashion visualizes contemporary changes and emotions. The exhibition combines the tumultuous works of big names like Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood. E / motion. Change mode, MoMu, until January 23rd. momu.be

Between silk, Florence. The house of Salvador Ferragamo is famous for its silk scarves and ties. Fulvia, one of the daughters of Salvador, began producing squares printed with flowers and exotic animals in the 1970s, tracing their origins in the works of alumni in Oriental art, painting, botany and natural sciences. All of these inspirations have been redrawn and recorded, page after page, bringing together over 1,000 volumes in the Salvador Ferragamo Archive. In this exhibition, printed fabrics interact with the canvases, vases and sculptures that inspired them, while product drawings and color experiments reveal behind the scenes of this exceptional product. Silk, Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, until April 18th. ferragamo.com/museo

Silk Twill Scarf, Spring-Summer 1993.

Silk Twill Scarf, Spring-Summer 1993. Salvador Ferragamo Museum Florence

Design exhibitions starting in 2022 in Moulins and London

Carnival at Allies, Moulin Rouge. Feathers, sequins, masks … Rio Carnival Moves to Moulin Rouge, immersed in more than 120 carnival costumes at this seamless event, from the glorious Brazilian metropolis. Considered one of the largest festivals in the world, the Rio Carnival attracts millions of participants and spectators from all over the world every year. The exhibition looks back at the major stages of the festival’s evolution and takes visitors through the streets of Rio, especially this long avenue built by architect Oscar Nemeyer to host parades of Sambotrome and Samba schools. A magnificent room that can be carried to the top of tanks and can reach several meters of wings, providing wear of wear. Rio Carnival, Center National to Costume de Sean, December 4 to April 30. cncs.fr

St. George Clothing, Dirt, Alain Taylord, 2020.

St. George Clothing, Dirt, Alain Taylord, 2020. CNCS / Florent Giffard

Faberge, in British times London. V&A has an exhibition describing how Carl Faberge’s London branch, which opened outside Russia in 1903, flourished and that his works were subject to great prizes such as aquamarines and diamond glitter turbans from Grand Duke Frederick Francis IV. A luxurious rock crystal vase presented by Mecklenburg-Swerin to his wife, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, or to King George V and Queen Mary V on their coronation day. Of the 200 items collected, the most beautiful and rare are the Imperial Easter eggs. Three of them are on display for the first time in the UK. Faberge. Love for revolution, Victoria and Albert Museum, until May 8. vam.ac.uk

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