Julia Ducorna’s “Titanium” is not eligible for the Oscars

Julia Ducorna’s film, which won the Palme d’Or last July and represented France at the Oscars, was recently removed from the list of contenders for the Oscar for Best International Film.

We are very surprised to learn that the second film of Julia Ducorna has been released. Titanium, Oscar for Best International Film: However he won the Palm D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival last July, predicting a glorious future for him at that year’s honors competition.

Titanium He was selected to represent France in the other two contests. Event Audrey Diwan, Golden Lion in Venice last September, and Lost illusions By Xavier Giannoli.


Titanium Atlantic seemed to be the perfect nominee for the prize show: the film received a very exceptional rating at the box office when it was released on American soil, and topped the top 10 over its first weekend. Julia Ducornov, dubbed by Spike Lee in Cannes, presented an innovative film in both its story and premiere that follows the famous American filmmaker David Kronenberg, who for a long time was a leading figure in the horror genre cinema. Years.

Titanium The Golden Globes can no longer compete, and its nominations were announced last week: one can only imagine that the film’s lack of this quote would be offset by national recognition, especially in Caesar, whose nominations will be announced at the end of January. .

Films still in the running for the Oscars for Best International Film include several Cannes hits Julie (in 12 episodes) Joachim Trier, Norway Box n ° 6 By Juho Kuosman for Finland, or A hero, Written by Iranian Askar Farhadi. Also note that there is this short list of four directors: Maria Schrader I am your man, For Blerta Basholli Hive, For Laura Vandal A world And for Tatiana Huezo Fire night. Final appointments will be announced on February 8, 2022.

Complete list of films nominated for the Oscar for Best International Film

Germany : I am your man By Maria Schrader

Austria : Great freedom De Sebastian Mees

Belgium : A world Laura Vandal

Bhutan : Lunana: A yak in the classroom Pao Saining Dorjee (Bhutan’s first choice)

Denmark : Run away By Jonas Bohr Rasmussen

Spain : Good host By Fernando Leon de Aranova

Finland : Box n ° 6 De Juho Quosmanan

Iceland : Lamb By Voldemort Johansson

Iran : A hero De Askar Farhadi

Italy : The hand of God By Paulo Sorrentino

Japan : Drive my car D Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Kosovo : Hive By Florta Pasholli (Kosovo’s first choice)

Mexico : Fire night De Tatiana Huezo

Norway : Julie (in 12 episodes) By Joachim Trier

Panama : Cathedral Square Written by Abner Penim (Panama’s first choice)

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