Is the French Left living its American turn?

Caught up day by day, it is difficult for the parties forming the French left to understand the difficulty in fielding a candidate. The choice of broad angle and, in particular, the comparison of the methods of the French and American elections make it possible to show the obstacles encountered. Anne Hidalgo At least on the crisis of the Socialist Party as an organization, the low audience bill of a government program, this time very classic.

This confirms a hypothesis, which may already be presented the next day Failure By Benoît Hamon in 2017. Restructuring of the project by introducing the need Global income Not enough to impose Hamon as the sole candidate of the Left or to ensure that he gets a higher score than the referendum or 6% vote cast for the mayor of Paris in 2021.

The progressive candidates who emerged from the ranks of socialist governments, who won the confidence of a significant section of the traditional voters of the PS, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon.

If the contents of the respective projects differentiate them, they share the fact that they have abandoned their reliance on the traditional construction of federations and factions, wanting the fluidity and dynamism of movements that went from house to house seeking spontaneous mobilization forms. The latest products of local participation and electoral technology.

Evolution of French progressive organizations

A Such evolution In Business model French progressive organizations are reminded of the modernization of US campaigns launched by Howard Dean under the Democratic presidency before the election of Barack Obama.

Polls do not expect victory for rebel France. 8 to 10% is credited with objectives Voting ends November 2021. On the other hand, if the president of the French Republic maintains the confidence of a sufficient number of socialist voters in 2022, the national political landscape will be somewhat more similar to that of the United States.

According to one of the scenarios described later, it will be dominated by opposition between successive liberal progressive forces. Bruno Jeanpard, PS and a Republican have difficulty convincing the extreme margins of the right. However, the play was not performed due to the impact of the distribution of characters in Valerie Beckress’ candidacy.

Customization of power

France and the United States are countries with obviously different cultures. However, it is important to understand their integrations in order to understand the barriers to their political functioning and the economy.

The foundation of these two countries at a revolutionary moment in the 18th centurye The century does not summarize their similarities. Of these, the organization for the presidency, characterized by universal suffrage, has a decisive influence on the organization of political parties, although they are not for this sole election and interfere within the national and regional parliamentary structure. Structures. Presidential function under IV is secondarye Then the Republic in terms of many American elements Revolution.

Its consolidation led to the personalization of power, while the polarization of the discriminatory sector required companies to master the required electoral scores. This ability is being tested in France today. In the United States, Democrats and Republicans are experiencing significant divisions, but these do not call into question their existence.

In France, in the 1970s, the disappearance of Charles de Gaulle, who had managed to mobilize a majority on the left and right frontiers, was in favor of following the model of American organization and construction in view of the presidential race. Two alliances with a majority business, dominated by one attractive person.

Attendance of Presidential Parties

The establishment of the “General Program” in 1972 allowed the election of Franுவாois Mitterrand in 1981, the evolution of the sociological mix of wage earners into three organizations, unfavorable to the communist labor movement. It ensured the establishment – at least until 2002, if not 2012 – of the PS in the role of left “presidential party”. At the same time, inspired by the Christian democracy of Valerie Kiskart de Estang, the determination of the neocolist movement dominated by Jacques Chirac in the UDF rallied enough right-wing voters to form another large presidential party.

The latter showed the ability to cope with the defeats of 1981 and 1988 before winning consecutive wins between 1995 and 2012. He maintains himself today in the name of “republics” within the competition against himself in the Marine “National Rally”. Even at the attempt of Le Pen, or Eric Zemor.

Unlike in the American case, the existence of two groups, capable of merging, is not present in France under the guise of organizations that, on its behalf, are slightly more or less than half the electorate. In the United States, the “third man” pose is rare. Recently adopted by Donald Trump, it resulted in the dubbing of the famous businessman Republic.

Disrupted election procedures

The difference between France and the United States sees different interpretations complementing each other. The question of finance forms a first element: elections on a continental scale consider significant resources and as a result their concentration in the service of a small number of participants in the competition.

Enterprise applications are another. The American tradition of being “primary” agrees to submit candidates, while at the same time contributing to the limitation of the number of groups competing in the presidential election, while at the same time ensuring exposure as a measure of differences. It is also an opportunity to test the talents of personalities who can already present experience as governors and heads of state.

In France, the difficulty of rooting out “primaries” in electoral processes and Historical pluralism of the left Was born Not enough Explain the number of candidates.

Once a relatively low minimum score is reached, the guarantee of a refund by the state of the campaign costs contributes to the interpretation. As long as it is inspired by the proposals of the financial system it will no doubt be. Economist Julia CageDoes not assign taxpayers the responsibility of distributing financial resources among candidates running in elections.

But even more fundamentally, the current number of French candidates share social and ecological sensitivities as a result of the inability of the political “small and medium enterprises” generally classified as left-wing to address themselves cohesively. To citizens. This weakness of the entrepreneurial mindset of the left breaks with the past that saw construction in the XIX.e Century, through the monopoly “social democracy” of the international organizations that network the Labor parties.

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