In terms of surpassing Google, Dictoc has become the most visited website

TikTok a été créé par la société chinoise ByteDance en 2016.

The Chinese operating system ranks sixth in a year, surpassing all services connected with Google.

With over one billion monthly active users, TikTok is reaching a new milestone. According to the US company Cloudflare, the use of short videos will overtake Google to become the most visited website in the world by 2021.

In other words, Dictoc generates more traffic to its site than all of Google’s services: search engine, mapping, translation, news or photos. This is the first time Fight Dance has topped the charts.

Facebook en 3e status

In 2020, Google, Facebook and Microsoft topped the list, while DickTock is battling for seventh place. As of February 17, its website had made a brief improvement, but had not maintained its first position for several months. It was not until mid-August that Dictag confirmed its leadership position. According to Cloudflare, Dictoc surpassed Google on two index dates, the traditional Thanksgiving holiday (November 25) and the Black Friday sale (November 26).

Facebook ranks last on the platform, next to Dictoc and Google. Next are Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp. This latest messaging app has been pushed out of the top 10 and ranked ninth in 2020. Compared to last year, Netflix has lost two places and Twitter has gained one place. But this comparison should be taken with caution because the rankings for 2020 began in September, so Cloudflare analyzed only the last four months of the year.

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