Barack Obama and his daughters enjoy a holiday in Hawaii, showing that they are a very close family – PubMediro Chile

Barack Obama and his daughters enjoy a holiday in Hawaii, showing that they are a very close family - PubMediro Chile

Barack Obama moved to Hawaii with his family Celebrate Christmas and New Year on the beach. In the photos you can see the family having fun while relaxing in the Pacific Ocean in bathing suits. His daughters Malia and Sasha showcased their sporting talents in water activities.

Barack Obama is having fun with Malia and Sasha in Hawaii

According to the Daily Mail, The former president of the United States wore black shorts to swim in the ocean And was happy to return home.

Sasha and Malia were seen in the water wearing a board and a red and pink bikini When having fun. Other photos show the sisters sunbathing in lounge chairs in the sand, wearing blue and white bikinis.

This has been a tradition of the Obama family for many years Born in Barak Island, he meets his family every year to celebrate Christmas.

Last year the family was tough, Had to live together again during epidemics. According to Barack The daughters, who were in college, returned home Malia’s boyfriend also stayed with them.

On the Bill Simmons podcast, Obama says he is glad his daughters returned home because they were isolated. Barak talked about some of the activities they did and their visits to epidemics.

The former politician said they initially spent time playing around the house and making craft plans to not get bored and were able to teach Malia’s boyfriend how to play cards.

When Obama talks about his daughter’s boyfriend, he’s a British teenager He was ‘stuck’ with them because he had a problem with his visa and he was working in the US, so the family called to isolate him until he returned home.

Malcolm Obama, the eldest daughter of Barack, Prepares to follow in his parents’ footsteps by beating Hollywood by landing a job on the Amazon Prime platform. The 22-year-old joined the writing team to create a production inspired by the life of singer Beyonc.

The Harvard student took care of his personal life without paying attention. However, everything seems to be ready for her to enter the world of work. As expected, Obama’s daughter is on track to become president, But not in the political arena like his father, but In the world of entertainment.

Malia will join Donald Clover’s team, Co-starring with Rihanna is the director and producer responsible for some of the site’s successful projects such as ‘Guava Island’.

His career choice came as no surprise to those familiar with the Obama family because after leaving the White House, the couple signed deals with the Netflix and Spotify sites.

Despite the fame with his name, Malia is not optimistic on his path to success Before being hired by Amazon, he started working in products as a teenager. In 2015, she coached for a season on the HBO series ‘Girls’, before entering university she took a leisure year in which she moved to different studios, and also with production company Weinstein Co. Production and distribution of films and series.

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