Allegations of sexual harassment: Trevor Boyer’s case is still active

Allegations of sexual harassment: Trevor Boyer's case is still active

What happens to Trevor Boyer?

Note that the Los Angeles Dodgers opener made his last appearance in the Major League Baseball on June 28.

MLB Pitcher has been placed on executive leave due to allegations of sexual harassment he faces.

Since July, investigations by the U.S. Department of Justice and the MLB have been going well. A few months later, Athletes Still interested in the active file.

Will Trevor Boyer play Major League Baseball again? Even though two separate files have been opened with the American judge, do his teammates want to see him return to training?

According to data collected by Sports Magazine, the MLB investigation is still ongoing. As far as U.S. justice is concerned, Bauer’s case is still pending in the Los Angeles County Attorney General’s office.

Although the strike was announced in the main league baseball, the case seems to be moving forward.

The Dodgers, on the other hand, are very quiet about this file, but also about signing at the end of the season. If the suspicion is removed, it means that the firefighter can return to Los Angeles. Will the whole locker room agree … that’s a different story.

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