Frequenting bingo halls was a favorite pastime for most people back in the day. Even now, some people still swear by it and will always find a way to play the game physically. But we can all agree that these physical halls are being phased out, and finding a physical game has become much harder. Besides, playing the game online comes with a range of conveniences. For example, suppose you want to play bingo on a top site like 888Ladies. All you do is head to the 888ladies login, and in a few seconds, you are in and ready to play. Who would not want to enjoy such convenience? But of course, figuring out how to play bingo online can be challenging with the many sites available. That’s why we have compiled a simple guide on how you should select a good bingo site. Here goes:

The Welcome Bonuses

Why start winning once you start playing? Nowadays, you can start cashing in as soon as you sign up on a site. Why? Bingo sites are so many that standing out requires each site to put its best foot forward in bonuses. These come in the form of:

  • No Deposit Bonuses: Some sites are so generous that you barely need to make any deposit to get a hold of your bonus. For example, a site could offer you $10 to wager on bingo games once you provide your account details. With that cash, you can win real money, all without ever depositing any money on the site. How great is that!
  • Deposit Bonuses: Other sites require you to deposit in your account to get a bonus. They refer to these bonuses as matched deposits. Here is an example. A site can offer 200% in matched deposits for up to $100. That means that if your deposit $100 or less, you get double your deposit in bonuses. For example, an $80 deposit would give you a playing amount of $240!

Choose a bingo site that offers any or both bonuses. When doing so, ensure that you read the wagering requirements, as some sites may set their standards too high.

The Ongoing Promotions

Some sites lure you with great bonuses, but you do not get anything in return for your loyalty once you are a regular client. So, avoid such sites and instead, sign up on sites that offer:

  • Ongoing Bonuses: What does the site offer to players who keep coming? Some offer reload bonuses, which are a form of matched deposit. For example, you can get 50% matched bonuses each month when depositing money into your account. Others offer cashback offers, free spins, prize draws, etc. What is in it for you if you join a site? Find out before filling in your information.
  • Loyalty Bonuses: Does the site offer a VIP club? If you often play bingo and will continue doing so even when you start playing online, find a site with a loyalty bonus. For example, a site could allow you to collect points each time you deposit money in the account or play. These points enable you to level up on the site, and you can redeem them when you need them. Some sites will even allow you to redeem the points for real cash. So, if you are a high roller, do not settle for a site that will not give you value for your money.

Can the site guarantee that it will keep the offers coming long after you have signed up on it?

The Games

Okay, so now you have come up with a list of sites with fantastic welcome and ongoing bonuses. What else is important? – Their games! Bingo comes in a range of variations: 75-ball, 90-ball, 50-ball, 80-ball, 30-ball, you name it! So, does the site offer these and more variations? The more options you have, the more you can enjoy the site. Besides, you won’t need to go elsewhere to find a variation because you will have what you need under one roof. Also, on this, look at whether the site caters to other casino games. Sure, bingo is a fun game that can have you hooked for hours. But what happens when you want to enjoy a table game or a slot game? Do you have to find another site altogether? Sometimes, you’ve got to think about what more you want down the line and secure your future with the decision you’re about to make.

The Site Interface

How easy is it to use the site? Bingo is a colorful and fast-paced game, and the design and graphics on the site should support this gameplay. In addition, you want a site that you can maneuver without contacting customer support. Most importantly, you want a site that gets you excited to play bingo. You are probably not on the right site if you open your dashboard and don’t feel amped for the game. It’s also important to consider the overall feel of the bingo rooms- are they attractive? Do you feel welcome and hyped up, or are you feeling lost in all of it?

The Security

Bingo is not only about having fun. You also get to make money at it. So, financial transactions will always be part of this equation. The questions to consider are:

  • How safe is your money on the site?
  • Does the site boast of ample security measures?
  • How does it protect your data from prying eyes?
  • What technology does it use to facilitate transactions in a vacuum?

You need to get answers to these questions to ensure that your money remains safe. You do not want to win a few hundred dollars only for someone to steal thousands from you. Start by being safe.

The Fairness

Can you trust the site to use random number generators, or is there a possibility that it might tweak the software? One key factor in bingo is fairness. Without it, the game loses its appeal. So, to be on the safe side, check if the site has been independently tested to ensure the games are all fair. The information should be readily available if the site participates in fair gaming.

What else should you consider?

Don’t forget to look into the following factors as well:

  • How knowledgeable and friendly is the customer support team?
  • What payment methods are available?
  • What reputation does the site hold?
  • How much are the bingo cards?

Finally, investigate if the site has a license to offer bingo games online. Having one implies that the licensor will step in where the site does not abide by the set rules. Also, only choose sites whose licensors are strict rather than those with very complaisant overseeing authorities.

Have you found a site that checks all these boxes? It’s now time to play!

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