Security vulnerability in WhatsApp: They warn about "malicious image" affecting the functionality of the phone

Security vulnerability in WhatsApp: They warn about “malicious image” affecting the functionality of the phone

Spain’s National Institute of Cyber ​​Security has released a report Serious security flaw in WhatsApp It affects users of the application used from the Android operating system.

Users of meta messaging services from a smartphone with the Google operating system are at risk of a possible attack. Malicious film This may affect the safety and integrity of the equipment.

Explained by experts from the Spanish Institute of Cyber ​​Security (INCIB). “The attack can be carried out on the internet and does not require any kind of authorization. The vulnerable component is the image blur manipulation.

“A cybercriminal can create and send a malicious image, which can be written outside the cache (overflow) due to lack of vague verification of the code when it is received or Device memory corruption, With Impact on the availability, confidentiality and integrity of stored data and programs “The Spanish body said about the failure.

In detail, this WhatsApp security affects those who have an incident Version In the application, the problem was fixed in the latter.

Considering the severity of this vulnerability in meta usage, experts are urging Android phone users to upgrade WhatsApp to the latest version.

How To Check WhatsApp Version On Your Android Phone

To find out which version of the application is installed, follow these steps:

  • Access the configuration options on WhatsApp (three dots in the top right)
  • Within Settings, select Help
  • Then you have to touch the “Application Info” option.

If you have WhatsApp version or later, your phone is already protected from image blur by handler components. The main recommendation to avoid this type of problem is to perform regular updates to all installed applications.

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