Ratna Chatterjee, winner of Ward 131, commented on the results: 'I stand on my own two feet'.

Ratna Chatterjee, winner of Ward 131, commented on the results: ‘I stand on my own two feet’.

# Kolkata: The Behala East Assembly constituency was under the control of Sovan Chatterjee. Today Ratna Chatterjee is the MLA in that seat. However, even after that, Showon Chatterjee was the councilor of Ward No. 131. But Tuesday’s results (KMC election 2021) show that Ratna Shovan’s circle of occupying paradise is over.

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Shovan-Jaya has been in the lead since the start of the polls (KMC election 2021) this morning. Declaration of Success is the rule of law. Ratna Chatterjee returned to her old memories when the results were announced. Before leaving the house, Shovan Chatterjee told my daughter that I’m going to see how your mother goes without me. Today I stand on my own two feet.

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Sovan Chatterjee left his family and left Behala to marry his wife Ratna and live with his girlfriend Baishaki. But the grassroots people have occupied the east of the violin. Ratna Chatterjee won. Meanwhile, Kerua Shibir did not agree to field Showon as the BJP candidate in that constituency. Showon Chatterjee withdrew from Kerua politics before the referendum. Ward 131 (KMC Election 2021) was still in his name for so many days. But this time Trinamool chose AIADMK MLA Ratna to snatch it too. Like the assembly, he relied on party leader Ratna in the pre-poll. Ratna was honored twice following that belief.

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Coincidentally, despite her husband and parents being MLAs, Ratna was not directly involved in politics. Ratna Chattopadhyay has been looking after ward number 131 since Shouen Chattopadhyay left the violin house. He won the first battle of the legislature in front of Showon’s violin. This time Trinamool has recommended Ratna in Showon’s Ward No. 131. Ratnao did not disappoint the leader. Trinamool candidate Ratna Chattopadhyay, a candidate in Ward 131 of Kolkata municipality, said, “I have been looking after this ward for four years. Didi felt the need to give it to Ratna. I worked hard for four years.” Ward 131 people have kept their word. Ratna Chatterjee smiled at last.

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