Patriots: Bill Belich apologized to the media

Patriots: Bill Belich apologized to the media

The New England coach, who is known for being cool with reporters, made amends to reporters.

Bill Belichick’s character is known for his irritability and indirect answers to questions from journalists. The New England coach has been developing an image of coolness with the media for a long time, especially after his club’s failures.

However, as a sign of the changing times, the coach apologized to reporters at his press conference on Monday.

After losing his men to the Golds, Belich realized that he had not responded adequately to the demands. At the time, he had noticed that his training was playing poorly.

“I’m going to start with that. Listen guys, I’m sorry if I seem to be a little less with you after the game,” Belichick began his speech according to ESPN. “Obviously this is a disgusting game. Trailing by 20-0. We did not do anything right. Can’t say anything right now without watching the video. It is clear that we have problems in all areas. So there is no simple answer. Every action could have been better. Every part of the training could have been better. Every part of the game could have been better. All of these may have helped. I don’t think it should be reduced, but honestly, not much to say. I do not know what more to say now. But it’s not your fault. This is a frustrating game. “

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